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Industrial Fasteners

At Staytite we thrive on supplying a wide range of quality industrial fasteners for leading manufacturing businesses across various industries. Our expertise has gone from strength to strength for over 30 years and reaches industries including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and much more.

We have an unrivalled range of over 4,000 industrial fasteners which are made to the highest quality and include top brands such as Barb Nuts, Carp Nuts, Flange Nuts and Staytite Nuts. Not only that but we offer thousands of combinations of sizes, finishes and materials including stainless steel and low carbon steel. 

Also available are a range of non-standard and 'C' class components which we can offer as part of a Supplier Reduction Program.  More information can be found here.

Build your fastener

buildBuild your own fastener with our simple online building tool. Select the drive, the head, the washers, and the thread.