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Category C Parts & Other Essential Items

“Our production areas use nuts & bolts, but require more than just fasteners…”


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Staytite has vending solutions suited for almost any type of part

As part of a Kanban or stock management system Staytite can supply a range of products beyond fasteners. Whether your business is service-based or is one that manufactures, we know it can involve a myriad of parts as well as other essential items such as consumables and personal protection equipment that contribute to production or the completion of works. Staytite can administer the whole process of fulfilment, bringing with it a host of savings for the customer.

Staytite values partnerships with its customers and supplying exactly what is needed. As manufacturing has advanced, production processes have become increasingly sophisticated. Staytite has supported this by supplying thousands of parts, driven by customers’ demands.

Staytite has a dedicated team of buying specialists who are able to source to specification from trusted global suppliers for the best price and quality.

  • Optimized supply of parts
  • Supplier reduction
  • Reduction of administration costs
  • Supply security
  • Stock holding
  • Usage reports
  • Parts supplied to pre-agreed levels
  • Kitting: including mixed parts, Cat. C /fasteners /instructions
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity available 

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