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Inventory Management Service

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Stock Management Systems, Kanban and Inventory Management Services are all different names you may hear for similar types of service.  What these services provide is a way of assisting production by delivering fasteners, category C components, PPE and other items directly onto the shop floor / production area.  With various racking & vending systems available, these can be placed strategically at multiple locations to improve productivity.  Parts can be picked at their point of use without the need to perform any administrative tasks to obtain them.  Once installed, the stock replenishment process manages itself with minimal administration required by the customer because Staytite manages it for you, driven by the demands of production.

How it works

Two Bin Kanban system explained*:

  • Two bins are placed together, one in front of the other, working in conjunction to provide the same part. (The amount of bins will be multiplied by the number of different parts that are required by the shop floor.)

  • Shop floor users are free to pick the parts from bins whenever and wherever they are needed without having to make any stock requests that may slow production.

  • When the contents of the front bin have been depleted by the users, the bins will switch position and the items are then picked from the (reserve) rear bin which has now become the front bin.

  • These movements are monitored by Kanban operatives who will then automatically order more parts to be delivered to the depleted bin**.  Replenishment of this bin will ensure reserves of the part are available for when the switched bin is depleted again.

  • This on-going process ensures that your shop floor is always stocked with just the right amount of parts eliminating the need for customers to manage and administer their stock.

*Bins containing customer parts are typically accessed via racking or shelved trollies which can be placed for maximum efficiency and convenience.  Other systems are available depending on your specific requirements.

** The schedule and frequency of site visits by Staytite’s operatives are arranged and agreed prior to the commencement of the inventory managed service. Regular reviews are held to ensure that the optimum levels of stock are held on site to avoid any potential disruption to the customer’s production line.

Cloud Connected Smart Racking & Vending Systems

Smart racking is a popular choice for those who require instant reports, stock level visibility and email alerts for part usages.  Users can access a live system portal from most browsers with an internet connection including mobile for a true Industry 4.0 solution.

For a downloadable PDF with further information about Staytite smart racking click here.

Vending MachinesIf your production teams require consumables & PPE we have vending and locker machines available.  This type of machine is perfect for glues, tapes, aerosols, blades, batteries and sprays to name but a few.  The machines are not limited to production lines, and can be configured to vend office, stationery, I.T. supplies and also clothing.  Transactions can be monitored, restricted and traced with individual personnel access codes. 

More info can be found here.


A dedicated Kanban inventory management system from Staytite is a proven cost effective solution that is currently in use with some of the UK's best known companies. Staytite works with customers to identify usages and bin requirements to ensure correct stock levels are always available, following "lean" principals.  The benefits of our Inventory Management Service include:

  • Reduced stock holding
  • Less financial exposure
  • Batch traceability
  • Reduced administration
  • Usage reports
  • Fixed prices
  • Agreed bin quantities
  • Rack systems designed for purpose 
  • Reduces waste
  • Demand driven
  • Supplier reduction


Staytite’s racking and storage solutions are project managed and planned to achieve minimal disruption to the shop floor.  Prior to installation on-site visits from the sales team are typically supported by a project manager as well as application engineers to discuss implementation, fastener or part requirements in advance detail.  These visits include a complete physical and numerical analysis of the required racking and the ideal locations upon which to install it by identifying available space, production flows and usage to ensure optimal running thereafter.

Kanban Racking Proposal

Detailed visuals are a valuable tool when proposing a customer-tailored Kanban concept. This has been especially useful for a number of Staytite’s customers when evaluating previously unused space or when appraising a new method of part delivery.

Pre-Prepared Racking Ready to Ship

Switching to Staytite’s tailor made systems may be quicker and easier than you may think, immediately improving the effectiveness of your work-flow.  Staytite pre-prepares all racking at its base prior to installation so it can be implemented quickly and efficiently with setup time reduced as a result.  


Staytite Kanban Delivery VehiclesStaytite Kanban Racking with Kanban Operative

Once installed, spearheading the delivery of this service is the role of the Staytite envoy / Kanban driver.  It is their on-going task to provide parts to the exact point that they are needed, as well as identifying from usage the parts which need resupplying.  All customer facilities come with their own unique conditions, and because parts are being delivered into production areas, Staytite’s envoys are specially trained to comply with any on-site demands, including appropriate compliance in working and moving through sensitive environments and adhering to any required safety critical practices. 

FAST Magazine Kanban CoverThis important role was subject of a recent article ‘Kanban operatives –not your average delivery drivers’ reproduced here, courtesy of FAST Magazine, which gives an in-depth view and insights into the background of the fulfilment process.

Value Added

Staytite Technical Drawing of Special Fastener

As part of the implementation Staytite can provide its experienced technical and application engineering team to analyse a wide gamut of manufacturing and servicing needs. Often further savings can be achieved to ensure your business will get the most out of Staytite’s inventory managed service.  For more information about our value added engineering and technical services click here.

Supplier Reduction

Supplier reduction is all part of the service.  As part, or in conjunction with your Kanban, the products provided are not limited to fasteners and can include C-class items, consumables and PPE.  Whatever your need, Staytite’s aim is to always surpass what is expected from a ‘nuts & bolts’ company.  With an expanded purchasing team Staytite has sourced and supplied common and bespoke items from paper towels to windscreen wipers for trains!

Category C Parts & Products

Full Service Providers

Staytite’s continual performance monitoring across the range of components supplied, provide a robust stock replenishment solution.  Our team of purchasers, quality control and account managers all work together with the Kanban operatives to ensure smooth delivery directly to your shop floor.  To find out more about our inventory management service, call our sales team today on 01494 462 322 or you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.